Ethan Benko

About Me

Ethan Owen Benko is a 16 year old and a junior in high school. He originally lived up in Ohio in a rundown town called Port Clinton where he still visits every summer. Now he lives in Madison Alabama near Redstone arsenal, the space and rocket center, and James Clemens High School. Walking to school each day he participates in a variety of clubs and sports, be it mountain biking to math team, model UN to lacrosse. He likes lacrosse a lot now even though he didn’t start playing until his freshman year and before then he only did soccer. At home his dad keeps his mind and physical form in shape specifically in math and running. When James Clemens was first built his dad took his kids to the track and ran around it for an hour, every weekend. As for his mind, one three and a half day weekend turned everything around for him. He wanted to be on the math team and his father helped him, studying the entire weekend, learning, growing until he had learned many advanced math skills, acing the test and skipping 5th grade math. The past few years he has been helping out with his father’s business and working for the summer up in Port Clinton he still enjoys his life, knowing that he has been privileged to live it.






DISC Characteristics

  • You are usually very supportive of decisions made by others on your team.
  • You prefer an environment with ample people contact.
  • You bring a high degree of self-control to work.
  • You are somewhat restrained in expressing emotions.